CASE CLOSED: Kiri Lee Campbell $15 Million Court Case settled in ‘Private’


New Plymouth, New Zealand
3rd October

Personal Representative of Birth Certificate [Kiri Lee][deceased estate], has formally notified the Sovereign [de jure] Original Land Court, Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou that the case against her in the Public Judicial System, has finally been laid to rest in the Private.  This final day proves that her administrative processes and Sovereign [de jure] status was KEY to settling the case in the Private. Job Well Done!

“This process has an extreme twist that no-one saw coming”. Throughout this ordeal, Kiri Lee Campbell matured to Sovereign [de jure] status by walking through the Introduction to Exodus process.  This process is the last KEY for any and all Original Peoples who wish to take that final step; come out of their infant state; resurrect themselves as Sovereign [de jure]; and Exodus out of the slavery system, into God’s Sovereign [de jure] Kingdom.

The journey really began for Kiri when she discovered that, in order for her to unravel and address her personal case in the public, she had to go back in time to the very moment that she entered the world and was born.

Today, Kiri Lee the ‘infant’ is a deceased estate [name obsolete]. She is now known as an ‘Original Tribal Sovereign [de jure] Woman’ of ‘blood and heritage’ of Aotearoa’ ‘Matariki Edgecombe of Tainui, Nga Ruahine, which is the true representation of Sovereign [de jure] status, standing in her absolute truth.  Although this case started with the deposit of a $15 million dollar Promissory Note [cheque] to the Bank, the true essence of this case was; going down the rabbit hole, being challenged at every turn; understanding the forks in the road; overcoming the road blocks; maturing into Sovereign [de jure] status; in a state of absolute purity; to then learn to respect and honour the Public Judicial System and correctly deliver the instructions for the matter to be dealt with in the Public and the Private, in order to protect the Sovereign [de jure] and ensure the overall processes and systems were left in intact.

This case was rather difficult as correcting needed to be achieved in both the Public and the Private; liability had to be addressed; the deceased estate [Kiri lee] needed to be laid to rest; and the Sovereign [de jure] needed to stand un-interrupted, to walk ‘free on the land’ with the utmost of respect and honour for both the Public and Private systems. 

Matariki Sovereign [de jure] undertook the administrative process with due diligence, respect, honour, guidance and support from the Sovereign [de jure] Original Land Court [Australia & New Zealand] and accomplished the ‘end’ with the understanding that the Judicial System remain intact for the infants and also stand as the protector for the Sovereign [de jure]. The process commenced with various key documents that respectfully dealt with the matter in both the Public and the Private.

This experience was one of great sacrifice, endurance, physical strength, spiritual belief and sheer determination, for a young woman and mother of six beautiful children.  Through her Born Identity, she learned about the death of the sovereign, the resurrection of herself the Sovereign [de jure] and has since been appointed High Court Judge of the Sovereign [de jure] Original Land Court [Aust & NZ] by the Chief Justice Sovereign [de jure].

Quote: “We are bound to meet untruths that are deeply hidden within our psyche and some of these we falsely believe to be our own truth. One of the biggest challenges is to find out which of our “beliefs” is really our truth or someone else’s. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves which causes us to make a
mountain out of a small stepping stone.”
“True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid…” Matariki Sovereign [de jure]


For more information: Introduction to Exodus


‘Matariki Edgecombe’
Sovereign [de jure]
‘Original Tribal Woman’ of ‘blood and heritage’ of Aotearoa’
Tainui, Nga Ruahine

‘Free to walk the Land’

Another Release of more detailed information Kiri Campbell Story

And of Course the Government paid Media want you think she is a fraudsters, so you get scared and don’t learn this information.
Government Media Story

Please be advised that the deceased estate was given 200 hours of community in the Public.  Due to the fact that Kiri Lee is a deceased estate a letter was sent via the Assembled Owners which in effect eliminated the 200 hours of community work. This is known as the administrative due process.
Remember Kiri lee is the deceased estate. Matariki Edgecombe is the living ‘flesh and blood’ woman.

With regards to the $15 million, there is now an unbalancing of the books. The TSB have taken the $15 mil cheque and deposited it, however the funds were never given to Kiri Lee.  This will be taken care of as administrative process, as Matariki Edgecombe is the Executor of the deceased estate, therefore entitled to the $15mil.  If the TSB has monitorized the cheque and is now making money of it, they have in  effect have committed fraud.
This administrative process is currently underway.

Kiri Campbell

13 comments on “CASE CLOSED: Kiri Lee Campbell $15 Million Court Case settled in ‘Private’

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  2. Be Loving! An Enormous Cheer For Your Victory Of Right Over Mighty Selfishness. Now You Will Walk Tall Knowing You Helped You Children And All Peoples Of The World!

  3. I am sooo proud of you kiri..i are a true soul of the people. Your courage and passion to know and live in truth is inspiring and wonderful to see and hear and know that youe kids will benefit from the fruad you have exposed…Thank you kiri.more than words can say….i will also be DOing and will see on the other side…jah love

  4. I am slightly confused by the ‘success’ of this story – according to press reports she was sentenced to 200 hours community work! Was the success in the fact that she didn’t have to recompense the people she obtained property from fraudulently. Surely she has gone against Common Law, the Law of the Land.

    Would love some clarification.


  5. waophmt ae Tumeke, for you and your children! I am going to follow you sis, Probate Codicil, Printout, Source Documents, True Birth Certificate, Royal Style, E.T.C. really looking forward to walking the whenu and no more infant state, ‘vulnerable adult’, now!


  6. Ka mau te wehi e hoa! I have been following your journey for a while.
    You are amazing….. Nga mihi ra ki a koe e Matariki.

  7. I dont understand how Kiri could be claiming soverignty and the law of the land whilst trying to use the communist banking system to her benefit to the tune of $15 million.

    You cant have it both ways. This article makes absolutely no sense whatever to me.
    And makes me very suspicious of the organisation.

    And their integrity.

    • Everyone has to walk their own journey. Some are straddling both the public and private. We all need to live in the public as long as your heart is in the PRIVATE. This is a transition phase and Kiri does know this process well. She is searching for ways to assist sovereign people, and yes it is very difficult. I am sure you can understand the conflict. Every step is challenged. The government does not want to loose control.

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