Step 8. Invoicing an Insuborinate Gov Agent


Step 1. Email a copy of your courtesy notice [with agent/officers particulars] and a copy of the fine/bill to the Original Land Court to be filed. []

Step 2. You must then request the assistance of an infant [tax agent and/or 3rd party] to issue the agent/officer an invoice.

  • Remember if you are a Sovereign [de jure], you are the crown, you own all crown land and the crown pays their wages.
  • Remember if you do not have the government officer/agents full name and address you have no one to charge.
  • Remember you must detail times and dates for your administrative process, or you wont have a case.

Step 3. Complete the Invoice. Alter, amend, delete the fields to suit your situation.

Step 4. Invoicing Process

  1. Send the invoice notice
  2. Invoice Reminder
  3. Invoice Final Reminder
  4. 1st Notice of Default
  5. 2nd Notice of Default

*You need to retain a copy of the invoices.

*You need to send all invoices via registered post and maintain a copy of the registration slip.

*You are required to do your due diligence first before the Original Land Court steps in to enforce the invoice.

Step 5. If the officer fails to Pay the invoice,  the Commercial Lien due process will commence. This can take up to 120 days to complete. This administrative process is undertaken by the Original Land Court, as the Sovereign [de jure] is not a person, therefore cannot issue fines or invoices or commercial liens.

A commercial lien on a persons property will disable them financially for life, if the matter is not remedied.

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2 comments on “Step 8. Invoicing an Insuborinate Gov Agent

  1. The instructions here seem to be contradictory if I am supposed to complete the 4 steps of the invoicing process but as a I am a sovereign du jure and not a person, I cannot issue fines or invoices? I wish to issue courtesy notices and invoices re: the following incident: I have been unlawfully detained, harassed and threatened with arrest by 3 police officers on one occasion for having Gods Kingdom car plates, being unregistered car and without licence both of which I had surrendered voluntarily. They refused to accept the courtesy notices and Sovereign documents saying they were nothing but printouts from the internet and had no validity. They would not acknowledge my 4 white flags or anything I said about my sovereign status and their unlawful detainment of me. I was harassed, bullied and saved from being physically pulled out from my car, by intervention from a third party. I then remained locked in my car for over an hour in the heat and eventually had to abandon my car under threat of arrest if I moved the car onto public road. I was informed by onlookers, that the cops hid around the corners waiting for me to enter the public road. I was in a driveway at the time. I am now sending the three officers courtesy notices with invoices as I informed them would be the consequences. I have not received a ticket on the day but was told I would receive one by mail, for what exactly, was not made clear. Still haven’t received a ticket from the incident on the 10th February. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to handle traffic stops. Obviously, I have a lot to learn, although I thought I had all knowledge how to deal with them, these cops were super belligerent and determined to get me arrested. I subsequently have been advised by another Sovereign du jure, that I should not have spoken with police at all except to state my name as Christian+ (number) and then to have someone else available to speak to the police on my behalf. I understand this. However, I would like to know what my representative ‘person’ would be required to say to the police in such an event?

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