Step 11. Exodus Checklist

Individual – Sovereign de jure 

  1. Get Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate
  2. Get a copy of your Source Document
  3. Get a copy of you Print out
  4. Letter to Registrar General – Deposit Birth Certificate
  5. Collate all your personal details Security Agreement Sample: registrations, tax no, social security no, insurances, mortgages, company details, trusts, children’s birth certificates, car registrations, loans, shares, utilities, bills,  etc
  6. Do your UCC-1 Financing Statement – UCC-1 Financing Statement Procedure Redemption-Manual (1)
  7. File a Notice of Lien against your birth certificate
  8. Complete the application form and obtain your Sovereign [de jure] Born Live Record from de jure Original Land Court
  9. Courtesy Notice
  10. Obtain NZ United Tribes Flag Stickers for Car
  11. Obtain NZ United Tribes Flag to carry on you
  12. Obtain Gods Kin dom car plates for car
  13. Learn how to Walk and Talk like a Sovereign de jure
  14. Watch the Educational Videos
  15. Learn the Birth Certificate Bond Process for Paying Bills
  16. Learn to use the courtesy notice with the policeman
  17. Learn the invoice procedure for anyone that fines as a sovereign de jure
  18. Cancel Social Security Number with letter template
  19. Cancel Tax File Number with letter template
  20. Cancel Medicare Number with letter template
  21. Cancel Licence with letter template. Letter to Commissioner of Police with Courtesy Notice
  22. Cancel Licence Plate with letter template and inform them of your sovereign de jure plates
  23. Learn how to walk and talk if you are kidnapped by the police

Assembled Owners – Sovereign de jure Australia and New Zealand

  1. The power is in the Sovereign de jure assembling as the Assembled Owners
  2. Although we are in different countries, the internet makes it possible to meet via skpe. It is important for all Assembled Owners to find a means to hook up to the meeting on the scheduled dates.
  3. Prepare issues, matters and agendas to be addressed and tabled on the 28th October
  4. Schedule Monthly meetings [skype in] and minutes for all assembled owners, Australia, NZ and Pacific Ocean
  5. Strategize on path going forward; alienation’s, utilization of lands, access to funds from rent of lands
  6. Strategize on employment, income and benefits for Sovereign de jure from rental returns off alienated lands
  7. Strategize on setting up structures and original land courts across the lands and countries
  8. All Assembled Owners are equal
  9. All Assembled Owners discuss the pathway forward
  10. Remember all assembled owners need to contribute to the discussions, processes and progress going forward. It is not for one sovereign to do all the work or have all the answers. Time to strategize and be an effective contributing assembled owner.


5 comments on “Step 11. Exodus Checklist

  1. Hi Exodus team,

    We have been looking for the Private Agreement Template so we can attach it to the Security Agreement do you have one available. We thank the team for the work every one has contributed.

    Love Light and Creation

    Stanton and Susan

    • Hi Stantaon and Susan, here’s Private agreement template from the Love for Life templates which is where Exodus got the other templates; Private Agreement
      Non-Negotiable – Private Between the Parties

      Debtor: Creditor:

      This Private Agreement is mutually agreed upon and entered into on this «Day» Day of the «month» Month in the Year of Our Lord «year_hundred» Hundred and «year_tens_ones» between the juristic person, «Debtor», and any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said name except “«Secured_Party»©,” hereinafter jointly and severally “Debtor,” and the living, breathing, flesh-and-blood man, known by the distinctive appellation «Secured_Party»©, hereinafter “Creditor.”

      In consideration for Creditor (a) constituting the source, origin, substance, and being, i.e. basis of “pre-existing claim,” from which the existence of debtor is derived, and the basis upon which Debtor functions as a transmitting utility, i.e. serves as a conduit, granting Creditor capacity for interacting, contracting, and exchanging goods and services in commerce with other artificial/juristic persons; (b) constituting the source of Debtor’s assets, via the sentient existence, exercise of faculties, and labour of Creditor, which provide valuable consideration sufficient for supporting any contract whatsoever that Debtor may execute and concerning which Debtor may be regarded as bound, and (c) providing the security for payment of all sums now due and owing, and as might become due and owing, by Debtor, Debtor, for valuable consideration, does hereby and herewith Agree and Covenant that Debtor shall undertake the obligation of (i) functioning and serving as a transmitting utility for the benefit of Creditor, granting Creditor ability for engaging in commerce with other juristic persons, and (ii) indemnifying, defending, and holding Creditor harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, orders, summonses, warrants, judgments, damages, costs, losses, liens, levies, depositions, lawsuits, legal actions, penalties, fines, interests, and expenses whatsoever, both absolute and contingent, due and as might become due, now existing and hereafter arising, howsoever evidenced, suffered, incurred by, and imposed on Debtor, and for whatever reason, purpose, and cause whatsoever. Debtor, for valuable consideration, does also hereby and herewith expressly acknowledge, consent, and agree that Creditor cannot and must not, under any circumstances, nor in any manner whatsoever, be deemed an accommodation party, nor a surety, for Debtor.

      Words Defined: Glossary of Terms. As used in this Private Agreement, the following words and terms express the meaning set forth as follows, non obstante:

      Appellation. In this Private Agreement the term “appellation” means: A general term that introduces and specifies a particular term which may be used in addressing, greeting, calling out for, and making appeals of a particular living, breathing, flesh-and-blood man.

      Conduit. In this Private Agreement the term “conduit” signifies a means of transmitting and distributing energy and the effects/produce of labour, such as goods and services, via the name “«Debtor»,” also known by any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said name of Debtor except “«Secured_Party»©.”

      Creditor. In this Private Agreement the term “Creditor” means “«Secured_Party»©.”

      Debtor. In this Private Agreement the term “Debtor” means «Debtor», also known by any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said name except “«Secured_Party»©.”

      Derivative. In this Private Agreement the word “derivative” means coming from another; taken from something preceding secondary; that which has not the origin in itself, but obtains existence from something foregoing and of a more primal and fundamental nature; anything derived from another.

      Ens legis. In this Private Agreement the term “ens legis” means a creature of law; an artificial being, as contrasted with a natural person, such as a corporation, considered as deriving its existence entirely from the law.

      «Debtor». In this Private Agreement the term “«Debtor»” means «Debtor», and any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said name except “«Secured_Party»©”, Common Law Copyright © «M_18_Birthday»-3000 by «Secured_Party»©. All Rights Reserved.

      «Secured_Party»©. In this Private Agreement the term “«Secured_Party»©” means the sentient, living being known by the distinctive appellation “«Secured_Party»©” All rights are reserved re use of «Secured_Party»©, Autograph Common-law Copyright © «M_18_Birthday»-3000 by «Secured_Party»©.

      Juristic person. In this Private Agreement the term “juristic person” means an abstract, legal entity ens legis, such as a corporation, created by construct of law and considered possessing certain legal rights and duties of a human being; an imaginary entity, such as Debtor, i.e. «Debtor», which, on the basis of legal reasoning, is legally treated as a human being for the purpose of conducting commercial activity for the benefit of a biological, living being, such as Creditor.

      “From the earliest times the law has enforced rights and exacted liabilities by utilizing a corporate concept – by recognizing, that is, juristic persons other than human beings. The theories by which this mode of legal operation has developed, has been justified, qualified, and defined are the subject matter of a very sizable library. The historic roots of a particular society, economic pressures, philosophic notions, all have had their share in the law’s response to the ways of men in carrying on their affairs through what is now the familiar device of the corporation —– Attribution of legal rights and duties to a juristic person other than man is necessarily a metaphorical process. And none the worse for it. No doubt, “metaphors in law are to be narrowly watched.” Cardozo. J., in Berkey v. Third Avenue R. Co., 244 N.Y. 84, 94. “But all instruments of thought should be narrowly watched lest they be abused and fail in their service to reason.” See U.S. v. SCOPHONY CORP. OF AMERICA, 333 U.S. 795; S.Ct. 855; 1948 U.S.”

      Living, breathing, flesh-and-blood man. In this Private Agreement the term “living, breathing, flesh-and-blood man” means the Creditor, «Secured_Party»©, a sentient, living being, as distinguished from an artificial legal construct, ens legis, i.e. a juristic person, created by construct of law.

      Non obstante. In this Private Agreement the term “non obstante” means: Words anciently used in public and private instruments with the intent of precluding, in advance, any interpretation other than certain declared objects, purposes.

      “There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.” CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70.

      Private Agreement. In this Private Agreement the term “Private Agreement” means the written, express, Private Agreement «CR_DOC_ID»-PA dated the «Day» Day of the «month» Month in the Year of Our Lord «year_hundred» Hundred and «year_tens_ones», between Creditor and Debtor, together with all modifications of and substitutions for said Private Agreement.

      Sentient, living being. In this Private Agreement the term “sentient, living being” means the Creditor, i.e. «Secured_Party»©, a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood man, as distinguished from an abstract legal construct such as an artificial entity, juristic person, corporation, partnership, association, and the like.

      Signature. See UCC § 3-401 (b) (what is considered signature).

      Signed. See UCC § 1-201 (39) (what is considered signed).

      Transmitting utility. In this Private Agreement the term “transmitting utility” means a conduit, e.g. the Debtor, i.e. «Debtor».

      UCC. In this Private Agreement the term “UCC” means Uniform Commercial Code.

      This is a continuing Private Agreement and perpetuates in effect until the death, i.e. the permanent cessation of all vital functions and faculties of Creditor.

      This Private Agreement «CR_DOC_ID»-PA is dated: the «Day» Day of the «month» Month in the Year of Our Lord «year_hundred» Hundred and «year_tens_ones»

      Debtor: «Debtor»

      Debtor’s Signature

      Creditor accepts Debtor’s signature in accord with UCC §§ 1-201 (39), 3-401 (b).

      x _________
      Creditors Signature
      All Rights Reserved.
      (to be signed by NOtary or, as I understand witnessed by 3 people instead of Notary) Warm Regards,Sidi

  2. No. 29 on Exodus Checklist states: “.Cancel Passport with letter template and inform of GOLD Global Immunity Certificate and process for travelling to and from your country.” I wish to know what it means to “inform of ……process for travelling to and from your country”. How do I travel without a passport?

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