Step 5. How to use your Foundation

When your foundation sends out an Invoice, ensure it is not a Tax Invoice.

Ensure you do not collect GST.

When invoicing a supplier, inform them that you are Tax-exempt.  Show them your NAT Form 3346 from the taxation office that shows you are tax exempt.

Section A –Your Name: use the Foundation’s full correct name. and ideally use the Foundation’s postal address. Your reason/s for not quoting an ABN: we suggest that you only mark the last box, “the whole of the payment is exempt income for the supplier.”

Section B –Name of supplier, always use the Foundation name. Signature of supplier is a man or woman approved by the Principal Participants for the Foundation & may sign in this box. Add a daytime phone number and the date, as indicated.

Note; the bottom left hand box says, “Do not send this statement to the Tax Office. The payer must keep this document with other records relating to the supply for 5 years. ”It is a Tax Office audit requirement only, use the name of the Foundation.


7 comments on “Step 5. How to use your Foundation

  1. Your “Courtesy Notice from Sovereign De Jure Mortgage 1” came up as a corrupt file, as I attempted to open it, after I had downloaded it.
    Just wanted you to know, as other sovereigns may be less fortunate, when they open the file.
    P.S. I am very interested in reading the content of the said letter, as I have validated the alleged mortgage in our legal names is non-existent, as the Bank could not verify the debt exist by actual accounting; verify their claims against us with an affidavit in accordance with the Bills of Exchange Act 1909; and a copy of the contract signed by both parties, therefore binding both parties. Their dishonor by failing to respond in 50 days, landed them an Estoppel Notice and an invoice for their violations of the trademark, that is copyrighted under common law. It’s now Fact in Law, that the alleged mortgage debt, does not exist, therefore non-existent.
    Currently I am processing a commercial lien against the Bank and their CEO for causing a tort, with their criminal solicitors and commercial agents. Plus the CEO defaulted on our invoice for over 6 million fiat currency. Just may request gold ounces instead. By the way, your information is spot on and brilliantly presented.
    I have travelled this journey for nearly 2 years, where I have taken on most of the corporate criminals, that are fraudulent benefiting themselves from our system. If only the People who inhabit the land known as Australia, truly comprehend the collusion between the Banks and the Members of Federal Parliament; there would be riots in the streets before 7 am. That’s not even scratching the surface. One thing I have come to learn about standing up to these criminals, is not to bother fighting the system… seek remedy instead.
    Again, thank-you for all the research, hard work and dedication you have put in to help educate the People and hopefully a mass awakening.

    Disaffected – dissatisfied with the people in authority, where we will no longer support them.

    WE WILL EMAIL YOU THE LETTER DIRECT TO YOUR EMAIL. Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou

    • Hello John, you sound very knowledgeable, after many years of researching studying and learning about this journey, the actual physical process still eludes me a little. Perhaps because many place the complexities in front of the ‘how to’ in a simple way process. I realise it requires an intelligent, and determined mind to pursue something like this, however I have always felt that the reason why this has not taken off like wild fire is because the way it is delivered it’s way to complicated for the average soul! I would like to unravel this puzzle and hopefully some day become also a communicator of this truth after walking the talk, that may help those who shy away from this possibility because it sounds too difficult.This might offer an opportunity to many rather than only a few and may help us to aspire to a new humanity free from the bondage of deceit and control. Do you know anyone in Brisbane who might be able to offer some step by step guidance to help us at least with the initial process of our mortgage. Any insight and help would be appreciated! Many Blessings Elohisa

  2. Kia Ora and Tena Koe , with regard to this section would one also need to send a LETTER REVOCATION OF POWER OF ATTORNEY to all corporations that are administering your affairs…? along with a courtesy notice and template letter…?

    Hi Jaz, do you have a template of your letter so that we can share it with everyone. Please email to

  3. John
    wow, I am just starting this walk.
    trying to get my live birth source document. haven’t got it yet.
    this is going to be a LONG walk.
    how to live while being in both worlds?
    I still have bills coming in, GST to pay, mortgage etc. I guess we keep paying while trying to untangle?
    Also fighting an alleged infringement( this is how i entered the rabbit hole) I am doing Private settlement on that (trying)
    interestingly they just adjourned-and i recognize that they are trying to force me to make a mistake by not rebutting it—
    anyway, do you have real life experiences you can share?

  4. I am starting this process this week I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the massive amount of knowledge required to get through this process but as they say ” How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time!

  5. Hi jaz

    Do you have a template for revocation power of attorney.
    Thanlk you

    Hi john
    Can you share your letter of a mortgage.
    I’ve got issues with our deceased father’s bank statements denying me access father’s loan agreement.
    Hes passed away three months and his lawyer ordered bank disclose info.
    Please guide me on the right ball. I definitely know banks and lawyers are together on this affairs. I know for real want our home and claims mortgage insurance. This the reason I cannot access his account.

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