UCC-1 Financing Statement

UCC-1 Financing Statement

An Explanation of Why We Put a Lien Against Our Birth Certificates

When we were born, our parents filled in an Application for Live Birth (Berth). The act of submitting that Application initiated the creation of a foreign situs trust funded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The title of the trust is the name given to the baby just born, but spelled with all capital letters. However, once that baby begins being productive — begins working — s/he is the only contributing beneficiary to the trust and therefore, the only one with a legitimate claim to the assets in the trust. Of course, the existence of such a trust is never disclosed to us but through years of diligent research by private men and women who were labeled “conspiracy nuts”, we are now aware of it.

All of the funds in that trust rightfully belong to the individual from whose name the all-capital legal fiction was created, but the whole point in the creation of the trust is to fund corporate activities and probably to serve as “backing” for the worthless securities (by SEC* definition) that we know as Federal Reserve Notes. The challenge for us is to get some amount of control over the credit that we have created and are continuing to create in those trusts. Since someone else set them up, the only way we can do that is for the man or woman from whose name the fictional name was created, to put a lien against the document that gave rise to the strawman, the birth certificate.

The only energy our legal fiction (“strawman”) has is our energy. It is like a playing piece in the game of commerce, so within the context of that game, we make up a Security Agreement with our fiction saying that it owes everything it earns, purchases or in any other way acquires, to us. From the Security Agreement, a lien is made up and recorded in the public record. This can then be turned into a commercial lien by filing it with the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) office, usually under the Secretary of State’s office in each state of the Union. In this way, the living man or woman becomes the Secured Party Creditor (“SPC”) of their strawman who becomes their debtor. Thereafter, anyone who believes they have a claim on the strawman has to pay the SPC first since the SPC is the holder-in-due-course of a superior lien against the all capital-letter name, provided, of course, that this is one of the provisions of the Security Agreement.

Since our labor provides the value behind the dollar and the financial energy to run corporate government, the people supply the credit part of the “full faith and credit of the United States”. For this reason, which has been expressed in certain legislation such as House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, more recent legislation and Public Policy, we have an “exemption”, meaning that our debts can be set-off against what corporate government owes us. This is also what is meant by “Accepted for Value – Exempt from Levy”. In order to discharge or set-off our debts, we need to accept our birth certificates for the value they have been assigned and send them to the Secretary of the Treasury. As you will notice when you get the certified copy of your birth certificate, they are printed on bond paper. That is because they are negotiable instruments.

* Securities and Exchange Commission

The following documents are the most commonly used in asserting Secured Party Creditor status.

SPC Documents

Be aware that these documents are not “silver bullets”. They merely express your intentions
and your status for filing or recording into the public record as an aid in enforcing your rights.
It is up to you to use them effectively.
Do review the material in the Basic Education section.

For an explanation of the “UCC”, click here

Please Note that it is only the UCC-1 & Security Agreement that has an Application to fill in with your information. We will use that same information to complete the other documents offered on this page. If you are NOT ordering the UCC-1 & Security Agreement, all we need is the Debtor’s name, Secured Party’s name, and sometimes the SS# for all other documents. Use the text box (bottom of page) to ask questions.

It is recommended that the UCC 1 Financing Statement be filed in both your birth state and any other state you may have assets in. If you are doing this yourself and the state refuses to file it, go to another state in your region or use Washington state’s UCC filing system. They accept filings for the entire country and Canada.

1.  Security Agreement – This Contract defines the rights in law or property as they relate to you as living principal, and your juristic strawman (legal fiction). It provides the commercial and legal support for the UCC-1.

2.   Lien – Many have the misconception that the UCC 1 Financing Statement is the Lien and Notice of lien. However, that was true of the county UCC forms years ago. When the UCC was amended between 2000-2002 the two were separated and just about all counties now use the same UCC forms as the state offices do, which is just a notice of lien. The lien itself describes the circumstances that makes the lien possible.

3.   UCC-1 Financing Statement filings – Essentially these are notices of liens that you, as the living principal, place upon all property of the Debtor, i.e., your strawman, via the Security Agreement. By this Filing, all property of the debtor (strawman) is pledged to the secured party (living you). The UCC Filings are placed on the global UCC records proving that the living you has registered the paramount claim on the legal you (strawman).

Handling Your Documents:

Your Security Agreement will be incorporated into your UCC filing by it’s reference number but you’ll keep it privately with your important papers. The UCC 1 can also be filed in your county. This is particularly effective if you have real estate in your filing as a search would bring up the Notice of lien.
Please be aware that having this process be successful depends entirely upon your self-education, judgment and being confident in who you are. Just having these documents can not assure the outcome of your presenting them in any given situation, so it is in your own best interest to get your brain thinking logically, avoid making assumptions (something we ALL tend to do), and take responsibility.

In Short: Go Back to the Original Signed Birth Certificate and Put a( Lien) or Charge over this title Always in UPPER CASE LETTERS (Your Legal Fiction Artificial Juristic Construct Your NAME ) Bond and Seize the Bond under first Rights of Salvage under Law of Mer-Chant Admiralty Martime Law of Water U.C.C Code and Make this Law full Claim that Can not be Refuted or rebutted !

Watch Bill Turner – You and Banking !

Watch Bill Turner – I Declare I am Free !

For more information

Personal Properties Securities Act 1999 and the Wills Act 1937

Accessing Your Trust Account Working out How the Private Works and Begin Doing Everything in the Private ! Not the Public !


The Steps To File A UCC1 Financing Statement

1. Go To Website https://fortress.wa.gov/dol/ucc And Click On Credit Card Login Located Near Bottom Right Side

2. Click On: File A Financing Statement – Located Top Left Side Of Menu

3. Fill In Your Contact Details Using Upper And Lower Case

Note: a) Put Washington In For State b) Put Australia In For Country (or wherever you are from) c) Basically Just Copy What We Have Done

Very Important To Write everything in full – no abbreviations, i.e. Post Office Box rather than P.O. Box

4. Then Click on Yellow File And Open Up Debtors – TYPE EVERYTHING IN UPPER CASE – This Is Your Agent In Commerce (Strawman)

Note: a) Put Washington In For State b) Put Australia In For Country (or wherever you are from) c) Basically Just Copy What We Have Done

Very Important To Write everything in full – no abbreviations, i.e. POST OFFICE BOX rather than P.O. BOX

5. Then Click On Yellow File And Open Up Secured Parties – Type Everything In Upper And Lower Case – This Is You The Primary Creditor/Principal Taking Control Over Your Agent In Commerce

Very Important To Write everything in full – no abbreviations, i.e. Post Office Box rather than P.O. Box

6. Then Click On Yellow File And Open Up Collateral Section – Then Copy And Paste This File 1) Below Into The Collateral Field. Change a) Security Agreement Number Security Agreement Sample b) Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement Number Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreementc) The Date When You Turned 18 (see example below).

Note: In point 1) below the date is your 18th Birthday in this case John Alexander Smith was born 23rd May 1968 and turned 18 on the 23rd May 1986 (dated the Twenty Third Day of the Fifth Month in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Six).

Note: Collateral section – punctuation is limited – use only hyphens, full stops, commas and brackets. It will not accept anything else. Also number everything with spaces in-between so that it is easy to add other details (amendments) at a later date – just carry on from the last number.

1) All of debtors assets, land, and personal property, and all of debtors interest in said assets, land and personal property, now owned and hereafter acquired, now existing and hereafter arising, and wherever located, described fully in security Agreement No. JAS-230586-SA and hold harmless and indemnity agreement JAS-230586-HHIA and Private Agreement No. JAS-230586-PA and Security Agreement Copyright Notice No. JAS-230586-CN dated the Twenty Third Day of the Fifth Month in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Six. Inquiring parties may consult directly with the debtor for ascertaining, in detail, the financial relationship and contractual obligations associated with this commercial transaction, identified in security agreement referenced above. Adjustment of this filing is in accord with UCC 1 to 103, 1 to 104, and House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933. Secured Party accepts Debtors signature in accord with UCC 1 to 201 (39), 3 to 401.

7. Then Continue Adding The Rest Of Your Collateral (including property stolen from you, bankruptcy details, outstanding debts etc etc). See Examples Below

2) Birth Certificate 817429 Security Agreement Sample


8. In Nearly All Cases You Can Bypass The Yellow Miscellaneous Folder And Open The Yellow Additional Details Folder And Then Scroll Down.

In The Second Field Of Options Select Debtor is a TRANSMITTING UTILITY and then press SUBMIT

Note: Click On Submit Once And Be Patient As It Can Take Up To 30 Seconds Before It Asks For Your Credit Card Details For Payment.

9. Fill in Your Credit Card Details (Visa or MasterCard)

Note: a) State is Washington b) Put Your Postcode in The 1st Zip Code Field c) Put Your City/Town & State In The 2nd Line Of Your Address

10. Then A Copy Of Your Financing Statement Will Come Up. The Collateral Field Will Have All Data Compacted With No Paragraphs/Spaces. It Is Very Important That……

a) Write Down Your Initial Filing Number & Save It In Various Places In Your Computer, Around Your Home And Elsewhere. Its Very Important That You Do Not Lose This Number.

b) Print 3 or 4+ copies with your colour printer but black and white is ok too

c) save a copy in your documents (save as) and save copies in your email folders, in your external hard-drive or memory stick and even burn it on to cd/dvd and store it etc etc.

d) Laminate a few copies and keep one in your car in case you get pulled up by the policy enforcers and file the others in safe places

e) You Need The File Number To Amend Or Update Your Financing Statement Whenever Your Circumstances Change.


11. To Amend Your Financing Statement Repeat Step 1 Then Click On File An Amendment And Go From There

Follow the pictures below

Then submit and use your credit card to complete transaction

9 comments on “UCC-1 Financing Statement

  1. You state that it is recommended to file UCC1 in the birth state as well as the filing site in WA. However, I have not been able to find where to file UCC1 in NSW Australia. Also, I need help doing a PPSR registration as the Australian PPSR site requires different info than the NZ PPSR video instructions given on the exodus site.

      • Hi Alonay, Thanks for the reply. I think I found the missing piece of my puzzle. It’s that I need to register my strawman as a business name with ASIC in order to get a number which I can then use to register the lien against my name on the PPSR as I was not able to proceed with registration on PPSR without a number. Hope this works. What a maize.

      • Hello friends, I have been looking through this stuff, for some time, it’s still all a little confusing. is there anyone teaching how to actually do this process step by step? UCC is for America what is the equivalent here in Australia?? Anyone in Brisbane doing this? would love to get some insights. Thanks Elohisa

  2. Do I send my Charge BAck Docs to the Sec. Of Treasury in Australia (which is where I lodged my Birth Certificate) OR do I send Charge Back docs to Treasury in America? Also, the reference to the ‘Birth Certificate Bond’ to be hunted for through the supreme court probate dep’t and centrelink…no luck so far with the supreme court. Will try again there and with centrelink. Is it required to include that illusive document with the Charge Back Docs?

  3. A financing statement is a powerful contract cannot be broken. Use it to discharge the bills. (AFV) accepted for value) Please you do not want to mucked with these people the CEO etc…Internal revenue department, The secretary of treasury dep. will only be happy if only discharge. It is a win win game! Don’t broke your remedy!
    I been there done this …I done AFV for while etc. power company, credit card, vodafone, finances and next with HNZ (this the bugger I should not muck with)
    ….broke my remedy lol!

  4. Thanks for the post. I’ve done my ucc financing statement. I would like to have more info on how to do AFV charge back . I sent letter to sec. Treasury Stamped with AFV info. Now I’d like to know how to do AVF chargeback. I already tried sending statement of accounts of electricity and gas using AFV process but was completely ignored and threatened with disconnection. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  5. Yes there are workshops being held in Australian capital cities for cost of $550. Next time I get an email notification regarding such workshop I will post details here. I will attend one when I am able to pay the fee.

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