Step 5. Freedom and Right to Travel


DRIVING A CAR/VEHICLE: You need to drive with good intention; stay within all the requirements of the road laws and don’t go looking for trouble.

  • Carry your Source Document, Print Out, Copy of Birth Certificate, Copy of you Sovereign [de jure];

Source Document Sample  Print Out Sample    Birth Certificate Sample

  • Remember that anyone who uses the Birth Certificate at TRUE knowing it to be false can be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1961. Therefore you don’t want to use it, nor surrender it, nor be a party to fraud because you can be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1961.
  • Carry copies of the Courtesy Notice from Sovereign De Jure TEMPLATE Master V1.5 at all times;
  • You need to read this thoroughly and know this document backwards.
  •  This Courtesy Notice is to be given to any Police Officer or Agent that tries to charge you or hold you against your will on the side of the road or in custody. You must always get their name; badge number; police station address.
  • If in the case the Policeman has Fined you, [the Sovereign de jure][deceased estate drivers licence], can then activate an invoice as per the terms and conditions of the Courtesy Notice.
  • Remember a Sovereign [de jure] cannot write invoices. Only a Person can write an invoice. Reason being, it would mean a contract, and Sovereign [de jure] do not contract with infants.
  • Carry a Pen with you at all times;
  • Optional – Carry the NZ United Tribes Flag 1835 on you at all times;


  • Optional – NZ United Tribes Flag 1835 Sticker on four points of your car; and


  • Optional – Sovereign Number Plate on the car.

Gods Kingdom Plate

If approached by the Police, deal with the situation in such a manner that is courteous and humble. Share the information in such a way that it is educating and understanding. Remember the Policeman may not know what you are talking about and he/she is learning about sovereignty for the very first time. You need to calmly walk the Police Officer through the process slowly and with a confident calm approach at all times.

  • Remember if you do not have the birth certificate, there is nothing to charge.
  • Remember if you do not have the police officers name, we have no one to charge, in the event that they try to charge or fine you.

SCRIPT FOR DEALING WITH POLICE – Scenario is, you have been pulled up by the Police for a random breath test. Inform the Policeman that;

  • You a Sovereign not a legal dead fiction
  • You do not hold a drivers licence as your are not doing commerce (business), you are TRAVELLING on the road
  • You do not have registration as your are not doing commerce (business), you are TRAVELLING on the road
  • You are not DRIVING in a VEHICLE you are TRAVELLING in your CANOE you are you built
  • Inform him calmly that you are a Sovereign and you will not contract with him.
  • Inform him that your birth certificate is not the TRUE identity of the person using it. You cannot use it as TRUE knowing it to be false or you can be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1961. Therefore you don’t want to use it, nor surrender it, nor be a party to fraud because you can be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1961.
  • Kindly inform him that you are the PERSONS  Personal Representative: Christian 677/70
  • Kindly tell him that as the PERSONS Personal Representative, you require his name, badge number and station address.
  • Kindly show him the Live Birth Record, Print Out and Birth Certificate [deceased estate]. Outline what each document clearly means. You can learn this @ How does a Sovereign [de jure] walk and talk
  • You are Sovereign [de jure] meaning ‘Live Flesh and Blood Man/Woman’ and again prove that by showing him the Live Birth Record.
  • You then inform him that you are completing a Courtesy Notice for him, which clearly outlines your terms and conditions, should Mr Policeman wish to fine you, the Sovereign [de jure]. You then inform him that he will be held Personally responsible, unlimited personal liability from causing and resulting in any and all damage to you the Sovereign [de jure]
  • Remind him that quote “as a Sovereign [de jure], I am the Crown. The Crown is the guardian of all land [meaning land, trees, money, energy, paper etc]. The Crown is the guardian of these road. The Crown pays your wages.”
  • As per my terms and conditions if you impinge or ursurp on my Sovereign [de jure] status, you will be held personally liable [not the Police Department] as per Schedule A of this Courtesy Notice from a Sovereign [de jure].
  • Right now the clock is ticking as I charge by the hour for; being questioned, interrogated, detained in any way, harassed or otherwise $10,000 per hour.
  • If you issue a fine to my deceased estate or upon me the Sovereign [de jure] the charge is one million dollars per occurrence for Operating or perpetuating any and all private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS of and against ‘me’ the Sovereign [de jure].
  • If a ticket is issued, kindly accept it and inform the Police man to expect a Invoice from the Sovereign [de jure].  Failure to pay that fine will result in a Commercial Lien on his personal property.
  • Tell him to have a nice day.
  • We have a customer…..Happy Days

It clearly proves that they are a part of enforcing and perpetuating the Slavery System.

Go to Youtube and watch videos on HOW TO DEAL WITH POLICE ENCOUNTERS.

Educational Video


Although this an American Video, you can see the point


Please be advised that we are working into this process at the highest level. We are looking at a process/pathway forward for all Sovereign [de jure].

Please be patient, as this will take time. No demands can make this process faster.

The update will be noted here.

Go to Step 6.

4 comments on “Step 5. Freedom and Right to Travel

  1. I would like to be sovereign, how do I go about it and how much does it cost.
    Can I change my children to be sovereign

  2. I have attempted on 5 traffic tops by police to adhere to the instructions on Exodus Step 5 Freedom and Right to Travel. However, each time, the police refuse to listen to me, basically tell me I’m talking rubbish,however polite I may be. They refuse to receive Courtesy Notices and threaten me with arrest if I continue driving so I have to abandon my car! This is expensive and inconvenient. Also, as a result of these 5 incidents where I have been stopped purely because of the Sovereign car plates or a random breathalizer, and once was 15 klms over speed limit without realizing, I have a accumulated over $4000 in fines for being unlicenced and unregistered….they throw the book at me! I am a 50 year old woman, driving alone and this harassment is so distressing that I rarely venture out in my car. This cannot go on! I would like to connect with other Sovereigns to share experiences and learn how to handle police traffic stops. I am willing to stand firm and I could do with some kind of support team.

  3. Fabian, If you wish to be Sovereign, Follow the steps on the Exodus site. It doesn’t cost anything to obtain the Sovereign docs from Exodus. Other associated costs could be for copies of Birth Certificates if you need to obtain them, plus registered post envelopes. The real cost is the time it takes to do all the paperwork!

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