Step 3. Depositing your Birth Certificate

So you now have your:

  1. Source Document
  2. Print Out
  3. Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate

Source Document Sample  Print Out Sample    Birth Certificate Sample STAMP Accepted for Value Blue Live to The Treasurer Template

Here are the steps for writing to the Registrar General:

  1. Letter to Registrar General Australia 9.10.13 Master
  2. Letter to Registrar General New Zealand 9.10.13. Master
  3. Letter 2 to Registrar General 16.10.13 Master
  4. Amend the letter to suit your situation
  5. Create the Stamp Specimen [above] and overlay it over the birth certificate. You deceased estate name is CAPS FIRST AND SECOND NAME. Your registration number is your birth certificate number. You Debtor number is your birth certificate number. Value is $Unlimited. Authorized Agent is your first and second name in lower case. Copyright is your CAPS FIRST AND SECOND NAME and then year of birth.
  6. Attach the Original Copy of your Birth Certificate (not a photocopy)
  7. Print and complete the IR 401 Form (NZ Only) and attached that as well  For information on this form read
  8. Only use registered post
  9. Keep a copy of the letter and copy of the birth certificate

IMPORTANT: Internal Affairs are trying their best to stop people from depositing.  They are quoting Section 52 “provides for when a death certificate issued outside New Zealand may be deposited with the Registrar General”. Key word ‘may’.
We have amended the letter stating the following: “Please be advised that under Section 52 of the Act, that (4) Registrar-General shall not be responsible for the authenticity of any death certificate deposited under this section nor for the truth of any information contained in any such death certificate.  5(c) stating that the Registrar-General is not responsible for the authenticity of that death certificate nor for the truth of any information contained in that death certificate.”  It is requested that you ACCEPT IT FOR DEPOSIT and record the information contained in it.

If this is again rejected, we then advise that you re-send to the Attorney General and Justice Department in your State and Country.

You need to understand that some letters are being accepted and some aren’t. The government will keep moving the post, so be creative and pushy in your attempts to get your ‘birth certificate’ deposited.  If you do not receive a response in 7 days, it is unrebutted, accepted and honored.  If it is not returned, then is has been deposited, accepted. You can then put a watermark over the copy of birth certificate stating ‘deceased estate’ ‘unrebutted, accepted and honored’.

The Exodus Team are not responsible for the actions of the insubordinate [de facto] government, so you need to push forward, until it is accepted. Please forward us your story once you have completed the process.

Further Information on Deposit with Registrar General


Further information on Personal Identity, Original Deed and Probate Information (We may need to also request the original deed given under probate). I highly suggest you look into retrieving your Probate Files as this may be the key to accessing you encumbrances off the probated Birth Deaths and Marriages Source Document and Birth Certificate.

Letter Template Letter to Supreme Court PROBATE Template


It’s not over yet…….

Time to sit down and start getting all your financials in order. You need to go over all your personal documentation, including; every registration, bill, insurance, mortgage, loan, fines etc documents in your name.  Start consolidating everything that has your name on it and all the registration numbers. You need to create your Financing Statement and do a UCC1.  You need to protect your interests and become a secured party.  Go to page 284 of the Redemption-Manual (1).

Remember this was never meant to be easy. You need to detach yourself from the matrix and protect your interests at the same time,


You are a product of Maritime Admiralty Law [Banking]. You need to learn about being berthed, coming down the berth canal, out of your mothers water. You are a Maritime Admiralty product. Born at sea and then you are berthed to the dock.


Once you have completed these steps, email all the following to

  1. Copy of Source Document
  2. Copy of Print Out
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of Letter to Registrar General

Here is a Copy of the Letter from REGISTRAR GENERAL October 2013

Letter from Registrar General Oct 2013

You will see just how insubordinate they are, as they have not made mention of the deposit of the birth certificate.
They have not made mention of ‘closing of all accounts’ associated with the birth certificate.

*Please Note: Some people are being informed that they have written to the wrong person and/or department. If this is your case, please send your Deposit to the Registrar General, Births Deaths and Marriages, Department of Attorney General and Justice in you State Country. This is happening to some and not others.

*Please Note: For those who have not requested that their Birth Certificate Account be Closed Off, here is a letter to instruct the Registrar General to do so Letter to Registrar General NZ Close off all accounts Template


Go to Step 4.

23 comments on “Step 3. Depositing your Birth Certificate

  1. In the letter template to the General Registrar in New Zealand under the words THIS DEED OF SURRENDER it says BETWEEN CROWN created ENTITY

    Does that mean no LAST NAME and writtenin CAPITAL LETTERS?


  2. I think if you take a look at the ‘print out’ it should have ALL CAPS First and Middle names. There is no surname – well at least mine doesnt

    EXODUS TEAM Yes, there is no surname, hence why we are all called CHRISTIAN. Please remember we cannot state what should and shouldn’t be on a government created document. It is what it is.

  3. Hello,
    Do I need to enclose an original (bond paper) birth certificate with each attempt at deposit with the Registrar General of Australia?
    Thank you so much for being, bless your amazingness!! This journey to now has been a long learning experience.


    EXODUS TEAM. None of us have the Bond Original. We all have Certified Copies. This is the one that you need to return to the registrar general.

  4. Hello again and thank you, yes I understand the certified copy is issued from BD and Marriages and it is on bond paper, so my first question was not clear. My apologies. What I am asking now is, should first attempt not succeed, do I resend another BD and Marriages issued cert copy or just a copy I make, as Registrar will have the certified copy from first letter? Also, do I need to send a BD & M ISSUED certified copy of Birth Information Paper(WA name for Live birth record registration number) to Registrar General? I have no idea why my being objects to this! I only want to send a photocopy, even though ACTION REQUIRED REMEDYING DEFAULT is part of my letter!

    Best wishes, Susan

  5. Mean buzz can someone send me this info .? And does any one on here also know about MAOI ? Cause im interested in both things both have my ears open

  6. Hello, I have probates that are sealed how do i get hold of the data ? I havent written to the supreme court yet, keep you posted.
    Does your process include fileing a bond with Treasury?

  7. i guess everyone has different way. We send letters our declaration & deed of surrender BC to ministry of Economic development department…

  8. Hi Exodus team, Can somebody please elaborate on “Create the Stamp Specimen [above] and overlay it over the birth certificate”. Does this mean go to a Stamp maker & have them make that stamp & then physically stamp My Birth Certificate with it? or simply print out that Stamp specimen picture & staple it to the Birth Certificate? and the 2nd query I have is “You deceased estate name is CAPS FIRST AND SECOND NAME” By SECOND NAME you are referring to My surname right?

    • You can create the overlay on your computer in a word document. Then print it out on white paper and see how it aligns over the birth certificate (hold the doc over the birth certificate and hold it up to the light). It may take a few prints, but you will get it. Second question, second name is surname name. Correct. Cheers

  9. Hi Exodus team,
    Whose we send IR 401 form to? IRD or Department of internal affairs, together with our
    source doc, printout, & BC for deposit to registrar general?

  10. I have been sent a letter back after applying re deposit of birth cert back into system. They say they do not understand what it is i am wanting and asked to explain these questions before they can continue?
    1. What do you think depositing your birth certificate back into the system is? and 2. What are the legal truths you think we hold? So please tell me whats a good precise answer to these questions they ask of me that I can use that can make these people go forward with this deposit of Birth cert without compromise? Something that they cannot deny or refute? Need help with good answers quickly on this please Exodus?

  11. Hey there Exodus
    I was born in & have a Cook Islands b/cert, which is under the NZ Protectorate, obviously will adjust letter accordingly & send to Registrar of NZ or Cook Islands?….living in Australia…lol. BTW mother-lode of info, thank you so much…

  12. What’s the remedy for people born in a different country but got naturalised here? Is there any document that can serve as a substitute for BC?

    • You will need to apply to your country of birth for your documents first. Then start walking through the eye to the needle. It is an amazing challenging journey. Only you will learn from this experience

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