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Parliament [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou
Upper House commenced business on the 9th day of September 2013

PO Box 9144

Please be advised that we are getting inundated with emails from around the world.
We thank you all for you support and are trying to answer all queries.
Prior to asking questions, please ensure you have read all the information because most of the answers are on the site.

10 comments on “Contact Details

  1. It’s time to share this information but I hope it doesn’t open the doors for idiots. Please paste on OzKiwi and Fairgo for all on fb, there are 20000 disenchanted Aussie & Kiwis.

  2. Hi, I’d like to become a Sovereign but don’t have the SOURCE DOCUMENT which I guess is the Live Birth Record as one of their options. Is the Source Document the same a the Live Birth Record? Can you post an example so I know what it looks like? I have a birth certificate. Why isn’t a birth certificate enough to prove you were born? What is the difference between the birth certificate and the live birth record?

    By becoming Sovereign will that provide me some protection from these corporate thieving pseudo gov’t agents in Australia?

    • Awesome looking forward to finishing the process would like to know if you are going to hold a one -day workshop . would be great for the sleepy heads that need to wake up and start working towards a pro-active community of like minded do no harm people. Thanks for the hours of research and study that has gone into producing this very informative website. Is there another step..? that needs to bwe addressed..?

    • HI Simon, I just saw your query on exodus site. It’s old but I wonder if your question has been answered? The Source Doc/Live Birth Record is the form your parents fill out at your birth. It contains all the info that is in your Birth Registration Certificate. You have to write a letter to BDM registrar stating that you want that doc. specifically. Also, try to get your “Extract ” while you’re at it. Explanation: The Source Doc is sent to the registrar who then issues the “Extract” (warehouse receipt of ‘delivery’ of you. They mark you as stillborn (lost at sea). Then issue the Birth Certificate (strawman) to you. So you go through life presenting the Birth Cert as proof of your identity. The trick is, that the Birth Cert. is a ‘fictitious,legal, entity’ . When you identify with that, you are entrapped. So , we need the Live Birth record (Source doc) and the Extract (warehouse receipt) in our possession to provide proof of claim of our living breathing status. We send a Stamped Accepted For Value, Birth Certificate back to the BDM registry to kill off the Strawman. (If you do the exodus process you will need a couple of Birth Certificates from BDM -one to return back to them stamped and the other for the Secretary of treasury for the chargeback Accepted for Value process. You can’t use photocopies.) Hope this helps. What a web. Sidika.

  3. I was asked to check out your website. It is awesome to see there are more free thinkers out there. Thank you for sharing. Our whanau hapu have been working quitely with other whanau hapu
    and have progressed with some of the things shared. The timing is right for all to come together and yes not for the faint hearted. I have made contact with Kiri, grateful and humbled for the pathway of encouragement she has laid for other wahine and mothers with a voice of the truth. Our journey has been about reclaiming our rights from birth. To be free to live our life on the whenua with no fear. We are aware of many illusions in the world and can only educate our tamariki and mokopuna of the truth as we see it. Yes we are very interested in learning more and yes! offering our support in helping others. Sealed with unconditional aroha of our Creator.

  4. Hi exodus team, do we send IR 401 form to IRD or DIA?
    I’m confuse how you can overlay stamp with Microsoft office. Could any experience guide us steps how overlay stamp on document

    Thank -you for being patient

  5. I need a Live Birth Document from Wales UK. It seems it’s impossible to get one. I have the long form Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth which has When and Where borne in column 1, 2nd Oct 1951 and in Column 8 it has When Registered which is 9th October 1951 no mention of a “includes stillbirth”. At the bottom it says that this is a true copy of the Entry No 355 and the Certificate has DG 123456 on it will this do as the Source Document or is there another way to prove I’m alive to them.

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