Step 1. Exodus, A Foundation

Firstly if you answer YES to the following questions, than you will find uninterrupted value in this information

Do you want to find a way to feed you family, respectfully while helping others?

Do you want to play your role in the community that is completely Safe and Lawful?

Do you want to help people in ways such as; educational, cultural, spiritual, health,  charitable, humanitarian and or a community service?

Do you want a service [Foundation] whereby the Government has no business in your affairs?

Do you want a service [Foundation] that is tax-exempt?

Do you want a service [Foundation] that is lawful in the PRIVATE and legal in the PUBLIC?

Do you want a service [Foundation] that requires general bookkeeping with no tax return?

Do you want a service [Foundation] that doesn’t employ staff, but has volunteers

Do you want a service [Foundation] that doesn’t collect GST?

Kia ora, welcome, you will enjoy the following steps, but pay attention to the med-ks1rKEYS


Secondly if you answer YES to the following questions, than the information contained in this website is not for you.

Do you want to make tons of money and profit in a company or corporation?

Do you want to make thousands, millions off other peoples energy and not give a damn about the neighbour that can’t afford to send his children to school with no lunch?

Do you want to OWN a business?

Do you want to OWN a business, company or corporation?

Do you want to OWN a business, company or corporation which prays on another’s weakness or habit, such as alcohol, tobacco, insurance, interest, quick money making schemes etc?

Thank you for visiting our website, we pray for your success.

88 comments on “Step 1. Exodus, A Foundation

  1. There are no words in any dictionary anywhere in the world that that can properly describe how absolutely brilliant this is

  2. WOW, wow, wow this is really extraordinary stuff. “Sovereignty” this has surely been put together with very deep thought I must say. I see all comments here are from they who see no reason to challenge, therefore making this exodus what seems to be the perfect way to escape the ruling powers on the planet, find truth and live life truthfully there after . Or do I take it that only comments that support the exodus 100% plus are accepted. This is wow info…….

  3. This is what I was after? Man yup this is all of it, whats needed to resolve this, whats needed now is for the rest of them to click on to this. Eye opener for sure. And freedom from the system, the destructive system is whats needed on a soul, spiritual, physical, mental and financial level. This system is making me sick to my soul, I want out. Tino Rangatiratanga, He whakaputanga, Maori Sovereignty, freedom the Evil corrupt system, start another world order, based on truth,lore of the land, under GODS watchful eye, not satans. Hope that made sense. Eye opener for sure.

  4. Mīharo katoa ahau e pā ana enei kōnae hei ‘hakahokia te mana whenua kia mātou anō!!! Mauri tū kaha, mauri tū whawhai, mauri tū whenua!!!

    • this covers all countries as we are all under international protectorates of the Magna Carta and international law…and the papacy…even tho they are seen as negative elements they began the right way….

  5. thank you for this have downloaded all relevant docs and will post shortly hope i get it right am determined to claim back my life

  6. Humanity is suffering ,our rights are all but gone ,children raped and abused ,the whole world at war ,millions of innocent people murdered ,while the cabal sit and rub their greedy hands together ,and laugh at us all , but will exiting the system help save the others ,should I be saved while my brothers and sisters suffer in ignorance and slavery ?

    • This is the process u need to follow matey, be sure to get advice from this group and try to do it together as a group as the judiciary will hate on you so numbers = strength…

  7. Kia ora e hoa what happen with passports once you start the process a lot of whanau do fly in fly out for work between Nz and oz

  8. Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ our true and living LORD God. With all due respect, with no maliciousness or vindictive intent, I am humbly inquiring whether or not this site is operated by Judaics. I have asked this same question in a previous comment email to you, but you have failed to answer the question! Could you reply please as my wife and I have been studying and researching the information that you have presented and want to know the legitimacy of those who are operating this website?

    We are fully aware that ‘most’ websites operating within the Satanic Beast System of this world are fraudulent with an evil motivated agenda in these dark days, and the sheeple are taking the bait offered to them.

    1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

    Thank you for your attention and assistance in this matter.

    Phillip Andrew

    Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou
    Hi Phillip,

    Thank you for writing and taking the time to write. We are all Sovereign de jure with no connections what so ever to judaics or satanic cults.

    I can see your concern and did originally delete your first comment, as I took offence to it, however your next post clarified your real concerns.

    Going forward we are just working on those that are seeking their freedom, and bring them through the eye of the needle.

    We stand in our absolute truth and standing. I hope this helps you.

    God Bless

    Kind regards

    Principal Representative

    • Dear Principal Representatives, Paremata [Parliament] of Baludarri Rangihou,

      My Wife and I have submitted, that being, 2 x correspondence to: Certificate Service Section, General Register Office, Post Office Box 2, Southport, PR82JD, England, United Kingdom, under Freedom of Information Act, 1982, requesting copies of our SOURCE DOCUMENT, PRINT OUT and THE ORIGINAL ‘TRUE’ COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE, with each of our Bona Fide Credentials, using the letter template provided by your website.

      We will keep you informed of their reply.

      With love in Jesus Christ,

      Phillip and Ann Jones
      Pallarenda 4810 QLD

  9. can someone help me please ! I am trying to find out why nsw gov says it only has a copy of my birth cert and nothing else ,I don’t get it the form doesn’t compel them to give anything except B/\C ? anyone please !


    • Hi Bob you can download the freedom of information form to send with your letter.
      They delayed me for months telling me in emails and phone calls it didn’t exist.
      They are now sending it to me after a stern letter with a FOI form.

      Cheers Anton

  10. I have 3 children. a fourth due in December. I cringed when I had to fill out birth certs…and now I am in a position of having learnt much more in the 7 years since my youngest was born. I don’t want to sign my unborn son into slavery …and I wish to take back the soverign rights of myself and my 3 children. is the process different if you do not have a “birth cert” as is the case with my unborn son . thankyou for your time.c

    EXODUS TEAM Your unborn child is a true sovereign. The death of a sovereign is the birth certificate. I would suggest writing to Births Deaths and Marriages and stating that fact, that you do not wish to register your child with the government. A good template to look at is in ‘Unplugging from the Matrix’, letter to the Commissioner of Taxation. Have a look at that text and create your letter.

  11. tena koe cyrina,

    I have a friend in the same boat , they are geting threatened and intimidated but have the courage and strenght to tell them the facts as well. Stand in your truth and your heart and will is all thats needed to be sucsessful..Follow this process and watch them and others stand in owe.

  12. Kia ora, awesome reading material, I am affiliated to a maori inc. Under part XIII of Te Ture Whenua Maori/Maori Land Act 1993. Would be very interested in comments regarding the obtaining of the SOURCE DOCUMENT

  13. Dear we,
    step 1 commences with ‘what if we told you’ – I would like to know who ‘we’ is, more specifically I would like to know a little more about the people behind this project, thanking you in advance

    Hi there, with regards sovereignty, everything we do is not in the public. It is in the PRIVATE. This is for our own safety. All sovereigns are known as NUMBERS to the public aka INFANTS. If you want to walk as a sovereign you will soon learn that everything is done in the PRIVATE, meetings, letters etc.
    EXODUS is not a project, it is a system for you to learn from and adopt any and all the information as you choose for your personal situation.
    EXODUS is managed by Paremata (Parliament) of Baludarri Rangihou in Parramatta, NSW Australia. We do not put our management on display like what you see on TV.
    I hope this answers all your questions.
    Service Address: PO Box 9144 Harris Park NSW 2150 Australia

    • Hi,
      I am Australian born, i have no Maori in me. i notice a lot of your writings are for Maori. I also notice that there is alot about Australia, but is that because many new Zealand born, maori descent live here? Sorry but i love your stuff and hope to be able to free myself from the matrix, but I am not of maori descent, does that matter?

  14. how can I get more info on the ‘nitty gritty’ of sovereign living,? there does not seem to be a contact address on this site, how can I connect locally, this information is extraordinary but I would like to have more than just this web site to invest my faith in (no offence ) There are obviously ramifications for myself and my children if I was to go down this path? health care for my kids, schooling, etc etc etc….all the common worries of a man living i the main stream. Are there any workshops happening here in nz? I have been following Kiri Campbell and think she is a legend but there are always 2 sides of the coin…? how can I get more info
    Many thanks

    Living as a sovereign is something that everyone has to learn to do themselves. We cannot predict what the government may try to impose on you, hence the prompting to learn and research all you can.
    Contact Address is on the site and on various pages.
    We highly suggest you think this whole scenario out as the changes vary from individual to individual. This is a transition stage and the more people the become sovereign the sooner we can create communities that can cater to things such as schooling, medical, food etc.

  15. Kia ora I have prepared the letter for obtaining my SOURCE DOCUMENT & PRINTOUT, to able to get that information without hassle I make reference to the Freedom Information act 1982 sec 15 (3). Feedback and/or comment

    • “thanks for your reply” did include the freedom of information act when writing back the second time and was innformed that a source document did not exist. Personally I do not think that is entirely true but what can be done about that ?
      My intuition is telling me to just continue with with my print out and Birth Certificate and send these off with the letter..? any comments ??

  16. On th back of the form inside the red border it does refer to the source document, birth cert and printout NZ that is

    • Yes I am aware of that…When you look at the website Exodus it clearly shows you what the 3 documents look like Yeah.. and I also requested all 3 in a letter sent with the completed forms.and requested all 3 on the actual forms, just to get my point accross. I was sent emails with regard to my source document informing me that it did not exist…?? That I do not believe is entirely true…So I shall continue with my letter which is the next step to the registrar general nz without my source document..

      Hi Jaz, you cannot continue the process without this information (source document or print out). Reason being there is no way to prove you were born. You need to find out where the document is that your mother completed after your birth. Good Luck

  17. That sounds so funny can’t stop laughing, …No way to prove that you were born…? This means that I am the walking talking living breathing dead …I guess I am going to have to resurrect myself to the living status then….Always more that one way to find solutions.. Many thanks. for your reply Exodus…but so true. the system needs proof.

  18. how can I contact a free man? an assembled owner to discuss the process and get my head around the realities of being sovereign ? are there people here in the south island?, I have been researching this to see if it is right for me but it would be nice to talk to somebody it is quite difficult to get real time information on many of the small issues. This is not the kind of thing that I’d want to go all the way on without knowledge.
    Any workshops coming up?
    many thanks

    • Hi Joel, Yes you must be informed with some basic knowledge first as it is quite a journey so l would suggest contacting Sovereign (de jure) Kiri Campbell now called Matariki Maharaj on Facebook….bless you all!!!

  19. Hi all the living BE ing
    Thank Q invited me
    Given what I have read on the forum and studied from the great information provided on your website it remains a fact that to move forward with CONFIDENCE we need help from those who have been at longer than the majority. With this in mind I am sharing the findings of my own research and would welcome ANY assistance to confirm the accuracy of the information stated below, I believe this will assist others in a positive way.

    Yes it is important to studied and understand the difference between commercial law and common law; because people never rebut the presumption that they voluntarily agreed to play the “let’s pretend” game.
    Just like Dorothy and Toto (Wizzard of Oz) discovering the “magician” behind the curtain is a fraud and you have all the power already, in the game of “let’s pretend” you can say stop anytime but “they” will try to prevent you with scary tactics and intimidation.

    Remember that in common law you are the power, as long you don’t injury party they are the servants and if you stay in common law they are liable for the harm they cause or injure you.

    On Sept 2013, I’d file a judgment after three letters to the HNZ with
    the Company Office NZ.
    Our House boarded, and we will keep on fighting.
    No warrant and No arrest

  20. Hi, when one deposits his/her birth certificate, does that mean your passport becomes invalid? What does it mean for people wanting to travel and work overseas?


    • Things are changing dramatically and quickly to allow everyone to go forward together so just wait for 3 months, we are close to full disclosure and arrests of the guilty!

  21. hi, I am Brisbane Qld and have found that getting the documents have been quite easy. I went in to the BDM in Brisbane and found the source doc but the printout for my year 1968 was identical to my birth certificate without a stamp . They showed me this on screen and printed it free. Wondering if it is the actual doc I need ? The current BC has changed a little and now uses the year of birth in front of the certificate number 1968/_ _ _ _ _ . The source document I requested to be sent to me registered express post and I had it within 3 days. about $140 in total and now I am ready to move forward with them, but have the question of my passport . What is there for me to travel internationally ? Port pass ?


  22. Just a note to travel without passport . peoples in Laos and Thailand go across the border at the friendship bridge no.1 everyday without a passp.ort . Any help.

  23. My email address for any one wanting to chat . I would like to talk with someone that has deposited their birthcertificate . The more information we share with each other without people trying to make $ from what they know the faster we all can benefit .

  24. We have seen a lot of people (the likes of Dean Cliff, Rob Menard, Winston Shrout, Thomas Anderson, Mark Pytellek etc) talk up the theories of sovereignty but have never been able to say that they are 100% free of ther system. Has the author of this site been successful by following the processes shown on this site?

  25. Need a passport that is accepted in many countries it is issued under the charter of human rights that all people are freemen has been out for many years perhaps 60 is called WSA World Service Authority covers press passes and DL I had one for many years for travel to odd places and you gave boarder guards the passport looks just like any regular passport accepted by a lot of countries now


  26. Thanks a lot! It is my intention to exit this system.Now I feel I can do it :)I am from Estonia and I wanted to ask if this works here too??Any suggestions?

  27. I two am stuck on accessing my source document i have my BC/ PO wrote to to registrar general presented the freedom information act to no avail twice the reply was lost in archives Whakatane district court and dose not exit Wellington HQ where to from here !!
    any suggestions

    I started this journey 2013

  28. What are the EXAMPLES of FREE PEOPLE after EXODUS? We need to see practical way of the theory. The successful stories. Then it would be much easier to make a decision to do Exodus, to go through the process.
    What difficulties they met? Travelling? Owning they’re real estate? How do you make money, where do you work? What have changed in your life? When you stopped paying taxes, did you meet the justice and police? Is it better to live after Exodus or was it better before?

    • Everyone needs to first learn the fraud imposed upon them. Obtain the documents and revoke the birth certificate. Then you need to start your own process of learning and challenging the system. When you realise that the government made you ‘dead’ its only you that can learn how to come out of infant state, learn to crawl, learn to walk, learn to talk and learn to fly. We are all walking through experiences in everyday life with this information.

      Work – We all need to create our own self sustaining business and not rely on the government to administer us. We need to all tap into our skill set and create a business that supports a community.
      Travelling – While you are in the transition you need to be smart and hold a drivers licence while you learn this process. Only when you are confident should you apply for a Sovereign Diplomatic Travel Warrant which we use on the road, however have not been able to use travelling to other countries. This is not because we haven’t tried, we have. This is because the government are doing everything in their power to not have this process recognised, therefore it is not ready for your use yet.
      Taxes – We have written to the Tax Commissioner who will not delete the tax file numbers. Many have succeeded with tax debts being wiped. This is a road you too have to venture down to learn.
      Police – We have confronted with the federal police head on with the basic questions regarding registrations, licence, their authority, their oath. All of which they had not answer and had to let us go.
      Judiciary – Don’t go to court. Inform them that you are alive and well as ‘Christian 659/70’. Court is like tennis and the ball is always in play. It is their playing ground. There are many youtube videos that talk about this. You need to learn this from experience.
      Exodus – I am better now, creating and knowing the Exodus process. Government agents fear someone like me because they know that they are a corporation. They know I am speaking the truth and don’t know how to answer me most of the time.
      I AM – I have learnt who I am, how to walk in my truth and not fear the government, how to talk my truth. I refer to walk in my truth then continue to live a LIE.
      WE ARE – Now I walk with the ‘I AM’s’ learning the ‘WE ARE’.

      • Great post INTRODUCTION.
        We need to change, thought by thought, action by action, day by day our way of understanding those things and learn to behave.
        Here is a great worth-seeing example of a wonderful conversation with the police. Guys don’t have number plates on their car… not a car – a vehicle in Freeman dictionairy:

        Active Arrest Warrant…. Cop Lets Man Continue Traveling (NO License, Tags, OR Reg!)

        And another example from the court, a great conversation with the judge:

        Freeman Shuts down the court Judge abandoned the court and Sheriff refuses to arrest him

        I only show positive, well-ended videos, but if you search more youtube videos and websites – you’ll find people having a conversation with the police, but finally got arrested.
        Be prepared, stay calm!

  29. My 10mths old had not register I have his born records. Could cyf take my son without BC.
    Plse need some guidance put me on the right process.
    Thank you much

    • Greetings,

      Thanks for the query … however CYFs are a entity of their own and do many things illegally … l do not have the legal authority or knowledge to comment on this sorry but l would suggest you correspond directly with Kiri Campbell as CYFs tried taking her daughter and she put them in their place very quickly and she knows a lot regarding this situation! You can reach her on Facebook by Private Message for some guidance and heres the link …

  30. i am 62 yo and tiring, I am an Australian, living in Australia, I am trying to get “real” help filing my ucc1, for obvious reasons time is NOm favour, this site just seems another load of shit doing nothing useful, I’m,

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