Kia ora and Welcome to the new and improved Exodus – Movement of the People, Website.

This website is all about SHARING and not owning information that can potentially help improve another individuals life. today.

If you have been onto this site over the past 6 years you would have learnt about why we are a people that have been enslaved into a commerce system, via your birth certificate, which was not our intention or doing in this lifetime.

This deceit and dishonour is not your fault!  You are not responsible! But you can be solution to fixing the wrong and making it right. That could be YOU!

In exchange for sharing the NEW INFORMATION with you, all I ask is that you gift it to one more friend or neighbour and teach them the same.

If only one other than myself understands this process and uses it to service the people and feed their family, then I have done my job as a volunteer of God, in helping in a charitable manner.



The Exodus Blueprint
Click here to view the Exodus Blueprint

This blueprint arose in Rangihou Australia, birthed in Waitangi Aotearoa to now be delivered around the world.

This is the blueprint of our ancestors and our Creator.



We are all trying to work out how to operate in the private with some type of business, service, organisation – but it seems untouchable.

A solution for you today that is legal and lawful, maybe just what you’re looking for, to simply live in this world, create a business (service) that is tax-exempt, outside of the system and in the PRIVATE, without too much difficulty, easily explained and easily applied.

It has been hard for us all to challenge the system with licences, businesses, passports, birth certificates etc.

We have come to the realisation that we no longer have to challenge the system, we just have to get smarter and stay safe.



At the end of the day, we strive to Thrive, not just Survive.
However we are struggling to put food on the table and find jobs.
What is being shown to you here on this website is an OPTION for you to have a service or organisation outside of the system, in the PRIVATE

Its called a FOUNDATION.

You may find there are other options out there, and that’s fine.
This option is a living, working, lawful and legal option that you can apply, at no cost, as soon as tomorrow.

CLEAN up ourselves and our environment, through healthy living and food
FEED our families through voluntary paid jobs, tax exempt that assist us to put food back on our families table
TEACH meaning education and training to assist with finding real jobs again
Keep it simple and easy to implement and manage.


By the People, For the People
For All People, All Inclusive
Love One Another
Love Thy Neighbour, as you would Love Yourself